TEN is a network of leaders and thinkers in technology, design and innovation. We support and learn from each other through the exchange of ideas, inspirations, and best practices.


About The Network

Every leader is tasked with pushing their respective organization forward. The pace of the market and the ever evolving needs of employees and customers alive make each day a new challenge for leadership. The mission of the Tandem Executive Network (TEN) is to create opportunities for business leaders to share their insights into tackling their challenges. Through a series of thoughtfully curated content heavy events, aiming to raise the bar of discourse around innovation, design, technology, and leadership.



Throughout the year, TEN hosts a series of events with the aim of bringing together leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the 21st century.

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Who should attend TEN?

All of TEN’s speakers, moderators, and topics are hand selected to address the most pressing concerns of mid-market to large enterprise organizations. In particular, individuals within the C-Suite, SVP, VP, or Director level will find the content most compelling and relevant.

Previous Topics Include:

  • Privacy and security in enterprise application development

  • How design and technology can work together to create compelling products and services

  • Keeping innovation moving in a legacy environment

  • Attracting and retaining top technical and creative talent

  • How to apply the principles of agile and lean to the business as a whole, not just the IT organization

  • Preparing our teams for the disruption of new technology


Why should you attend a TEN event?

There are many statistics that apply to the leadership and business landscape today. Our goal is to help provide leaders with new insights and an opportunity to challenge their thinking.



Of leaders in enterprise firms state that innovation is essential to their organization’s survival.

—McKinsey Quarterly


Of new leaders struggle to understand how they can apply leadership principles.

— The Leadership Institute


Of designers and technologists think their organization is failing to capture innovative opportunities.

— Design Management Institute


Joining TEN as a sponsor.

The Tandem Executive Network is sponsored and organized by Tandem, a design and technology firm based in Chicago and San Francisco.

However, if your organization is interested in getting involved, TEN has several available co-sponsorship opportunities.

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